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About Our Staff

About Our Staff

Patricia Payne - Owner

Patricia Payne – Owner

Patricia Payne is an owner and operator of Home Care Assistance of Tucson. Prior to opening of HCA- Tucson; Patricia was founder and President of Water-Tec Services, Inc; an industrial chemical company specializing in commercial and governmental applications. After the successful growth of this endeavor, Patricia was able to sell this business and pursue a passion that developed while caring for family members’ unforeseen needs. Patricia developed a desire to provide care for individuals that would allow them to maintain their independence and provide fewer disruptions for family care-givers. With Patricia’s personal experience in dealing with multiple types of needs in her own family, she was able to identify common challenges that came with caring for loved ones. Patricia identified with the needs of family care-givers. This ultimately led Patricia to Home Care Assistance.

Mark Schmidt - Co-Owner

Mark Schmidt – Co-Owner

Mark Schmidt is a Co-owner and General Manager of Home Care Assistance of Tucson. Prior to coming to Home Care Assistance, Mark spent the previous twenty-five years in the management of hotels and resorts across the United States. Under his management, Mark had the joy of seeing some of his hotels listed as Conde Nast’s “Best in the US” winning resorts. Following an unforeseen brain tumor, Mark was sidelined and experienced, first hand, what it was like to lose one’s independence and be reliant on other to provide basic care. After physical rehab, while Mark was able to return to work, Mark formed a passion for helping those that found themselves in similar situations. By drawing upon his experience in the hospitality industry, Mark is now focusing on providing a “resort-level” personal care for his clients in their homes while they go through rehabilitation or whether they simply need a little help remaining independent.