Professional Recommendations

Home Care Assistance

“As the Manager of a large assisted living campus, I am frequently challenged to provide the necessary coverage for our frail elders. When the pandemic started we were further challenged by staffing concerns compounded by fear of transmission/infection. Mark’s forward thinking by establishing COVID Teams has provided needed relief for our staff.  The staff from Home Care Assistance are clearly well trained and demonstrate professional behavior that instills immediate trust from both Residents and Staff.  
I know the Home Care Assistance COVID Team staff by name and am proud to call them part of our team.  I believe the COVID Team’s immediate assimilation to our team can be directly attributed to their professional demeanor.  Their tireless efforts to provide quality care have made the adverse impact of the pandemic more tolerable.

Mark Schmidt has also made a commitment to the health of his staff by maintaining the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations regarding quarantine.  This commitment includes paying staff while self-isolating to prevent transmission to others.  We all must consider ourselves asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 in order to control the spread of this virus. Mark and his team are leaders in the control of this virus and should be commended for the great work that they do every day.”

Paul J. O’Connell, RN, BS, MHSA
Executive Director
Bridgewater La Cholla
6505 N. La Cholla Blvd.
Tucson, AZ  85741
Phone: 520-382-5971

“I work frequently with older adults. Many need help with activities of daily living, especially meal preparation, so I am excited to learn about the Balanced Care Method™ for caregivers. The information in the training manual about a healthy diet reflects the latest research, and the fact that it is based on the habits of the long-lived elders of Okinawa is very inspiring.”

— Laurie Steinberg, Registered Dietitian at Stanford School of Medicine

“But beyond creating strengths for elders, families that emphasize Balanced Care will come to work together and understand more clearly how to cope with medical problems and illnesses. The secret is in the strength of the foundation of care. The rest then comes into clearer perspective; complex situations and decision-making during this time of life are better understood and engaged. Home Care Assistance is about foundation-building-for elders, families, supportive friends and, ultimately, for your health care team.”

Dr. Dennis McCullough
Author, My Mother, Your Mother
Founder, Slow Medicine Movement in Geriatrics

“Home Care Assistance provides a very high level of service to patients and their families. As health care professionals, we most appreciate the quality and experience of their staff. We look forward to continuing to work with Home Care Assistance.”

Nancy Houston Miller, RN, and Kathy Berra, ANP
Nurse Care Managers of The LifeCare Company