Tips for Providing Elderly Dementia Care

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How to Provide Dementia Home Care for Seniors in Tucson, AZ

Caring for a senior loved one can present many challenges. If the senior has dementia, these challenges can be even greater. However, these tips can help you handle some of the main concerns related to the condition and allow you to provide your loved one with the highest quality care possible.

Make Preparations

If your loved one is in the early stages of dementia, include him or her in the process of preparing for Tucson home care. This includes determining where your loved one will live. If he or she will live with you, be sure your home is safe and suitable for a senior with dementia. Choose someone to make the financial, medical, and other important decisions for your loved one, and consider appointing a backup person to go to if the primary person is unavailable.

Maintain Daily Routines

Your loved one needs to have a sense of familiarity. Try to stick to his or her daily routine because consistency can prevent the irritation and anxiety that often accompanies dementia. This includes meal times, bathing, visits, bedtime, and various other activities. When these things occur at the same time and place, your loved one will be less likely to become disoriented.

Communicate Carefully

As the disease progresses, your loved one’s communication skills will decrease, and he or she will begin having trouble saying words and forming complete sentences. He or she may also become confused easily, which may prompt occasional outbursts. Try to remain calm around your loved one because becoming frustrated could upset him or her. Try to keep your conversations short, simple, and clear. Always call your loved one by name, speak directly to him or her, and never sneak up on him or her. Use repetition when necessary, and always use positive language.

Get Help

The challenges you face when caring for a senior loved one with dementia can seem overwhelming, but securing help can make them less stressful. Ask family members and close friends if they can help out. Your loved one may need around-the-clock care in the later stages of dementia, which may require hiring an in-home caregiver. This can give you peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving adequate care while you are at work, on vacation, or running errands. A dementia caregiver in Tucson can provide cognitive stimulation for your loved one while helping with his or her basic care needs.

Keeping your loved one mentally stimulated can help stave off the progression of dementia. Home Care Assistance can provide your loved one with opportunities to engage in activities designed to boost brain health. In addition to dementia care, we also offer Alzheimer’s, stroke, and Parkinson’s care Tucson seniors can count on, and our caregivers are expertly trained to assist with a variety of daily tasks like cooking, bathing, and exercise. For more information and to request a free consultation, call (520) 276-6555 today.


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