How Can Family Caregivers Manage Role Reversal?

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Role Reversal Advice for Caregivers in Tucson, AZ

At some point, almost everyone has wondered what it would be like if the roles were reversed in their family. However, Tucson, AZ, caregivers often quickly discover taking on the responsibilities of their parents’ care can lead to some challenging situations. Luckily, there are a few strategies you can use to adjust to your new role.

Stop Focusing on the Past

Over the years, you have likely encountered a few ups and downs in your relationship with your loved one. However, now is not the time to get stuck on thinking about the mistakes everyone has made. Let go of the past and focus on the present instead. Whether your loved one gave you a happy childhood or not shouldn’t affect the care you give him or her now. In fact, helping your loved one out paves the way for a better relationship today and in the future.

Let a Pro Handle Difficult News

Family dynamics can become heated when adult children have to tell their parents what to do. If you know your loved one is facing some difficult news, such as the need to give up driving, ask a physician or professional caregiver to explain the situation. Having someone else act as the authority figure allows you to play the role of the understanding child who helps your loved one find a solution for his or her changing needs.

Ask for Your Parent’s Input

Encouraging seniors to be involved in their Tucson elder care preserves their dignity and provides powerful insight into their needs. Ask your loved one to meet potential caregivers to make sure their personalities match. Alternatively, you can let your loved one pick the menu for the week before you help with the preparation.

Delegate Challenging Duties

It’s possible your loved one refuses to let you bathe him or her, or perhaps he or she dislikes it when you help brush his or her teeth. There are certain duties family caregivers must perform that can amplify the feeling of role reversal. For these types of duties, seek professional assistance through a home caregiver who knows how to provide assistance with a dignified and respectful approach.

If you need additional assistance providing the care your loved one needs, Home Care Assistance can help. Our dedicated caregivers are available 24/7 to assist your loved one with bathing, cooking, exercise, and many other important everyday tasks. For more information on the live-in and respite care Tucson families trust, call one of our experienced Care Managers at (520) 276-6555 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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