5 Home Remedies for Seniors with Age-Related Aches and Pains

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5 Home Remedies for Seniors That Have Aches and Pains in Tucson, AZ

People over 65 can experience aches and pains for a wide variety of reasons, and there are many different potential solutions for relief. Rather than taking medications, many seniors prefer to take a more holistic approach to pain relief, and oftentimes there are items in their homes they can use. The Tucson in-home care experts at Home Care Assistance have put together a list of simple home remedies your elderly loved one can use to alleviate his or he age-related aches and pains.

1. Turmeric and Ginger Tea

Both ingredients used in this home remedy are anti-inflammatory, and the remedy has a powerful antioxidant that helps control aches and pains, especially when caused by arthritis. The tea also helps lower the level of enzymes that cause inflammation. By reducing inflammation, your loved one can prevent arthritis and other age-related health conditions that lead to aches and pains.

2. Virgin Olive Oil

The consistency of olive oil can help lubricate your loved one’s joints, which can reduce the pain he or she feels. Approximately 1½ teaspoons of virgin olive oil is equivalent to 200 mg of ibuprofen, and the main compound in the oil helps inhibit inflammatory enzymes, similar to aspirin. Your loved one should massage painful parts of his or her body with virgin olive oil no more than twice a day. If your loved one requires assistance with tasks like these and you are not always available to help, consider hiring live-in or part-time Tucson home care providers. Our compassionate and trained caregivers can support your loved one to use home remedies successfully.

3. Epsom Salt

Aches and pain affect many seniors, especially those with arthritis, a condition that impacts the elderly more than any other age group. Many seniors use Epsom salt as a home remedy to stop or alleviate aches and pains. The magnesium and sulfate in Epsom salt can help your loved one’s muscles and nerves function properly, which can prevent the arteries from hardening and reduce aches and pains caused by inflammation.

4. Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion is high in vitamins A and C that repair damaged tissues and help the liver clear out toxins from the body. This home remedy also suppresses inflammation and helps regulate immune responses. When it comes to relieving aches and pains, specifically arthritis, dandelion leaves can help. Your loved one can combine the dandelion leaves with water or eat the leaves with a salad and a dash of olive oil to help alleviate pain.

5. Blackstrap Molasses

This home remedy is high in a variety of valuable minerals that help combat pain and aches in seniors, and the calcium, magnesium, and potassium also help strengthen the bones. Your loved one can drink a combination of water with blackstrap molasses. Doing so helps regulate nerve and muscle function and may alleviate his or her pain.

Natural remedies have been used for centuries to relieve aches and pains commonly experienced by the elderly. For more information on natural remedies and senior health, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia care Tucson, AZ, seniors and their families can trust. For more information and to schedule a free in-home consultation, call one of our friendly Care Managers at (520) 276-6555.


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