Curbing Caregiver Anger

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Preventing Anger in Caregivers in Tucson, AZ

Providing Tuscon senior care for an aging loved one who displays challenging behaviors can make a caregiver angry. When feeling frustrated, the staff at Home Care Assistance suggests family caregivers use these strategies to get back into a positive mindset.

Forgive Yourself

Tucson caregivers often expect themselves to perform beyond the call of duty. If you get angry or frustrated while carrying out your caregiving duties, look at it as an opportunity to find out what to do differently. Perhaps you need to change your routine, or maybe you need to reach out for help. Remind yourself feeling angry is a learning opportunity.

Use Redirection

Health conditions such as dementia can cause your loved one to act out, but diverting his or her attention to a new activity can prevent aggressive behaviors. Offering your loved one a soothing activity can also calm your emotions so both of you can regain control.

Let the Anger Out

Anger can build up if you do not find an outlet. Find a supportive person you can trust and talk to about how you feel. Alternatively, a good workout can help release tension while generating endorphins to promote a sense of wellbeing.

Make Health a Priority

Hunger, fatigue, and illness can make it challenging for caregivers to stay calm. Create a routine that allows you to take care of your health. It may sound simple, but eating well and getting adequate rest can help you prevent getting angry.

Take a Break

Sometimes caregivers need time to themselves. Develop a network of trusted supporters who can step into the caregiver role so you can have a break. Ideally, take breaks regularly so you always look forward to time to yourself each week. Whether you take a bubble bath or read a few chapters of your favorite novel, these little moments can help you reset your mind after a stressful day.

If you need help taking care of your loved one, contact Home Care Assistance. We provide live-in and respite care Tuscon families can count on, and our caregivers can assist your loved one with a wide variety of tasks, including bathing, cooking, exercising, and transportation. For more information on our flexible and high-quality in-home care services, call (520) 276-6555 to speak with a friendly Care Manager.


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