Easy Ways for Family Caregivers to Recharge in the Summer

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How to Help Seniors Relax During the Summer in Tucson, AZ

Extreme Arizona temperatures paired with providing Tucson senior care can make it hard to maintain a robust social life, much less peace of mind. However, it’s important for family caregivers to relax and recharge whenever they can. Following are a few restorative activities you can engage in over the summer.

Have a Family Get-Together

A cookout at your home gives both you and your elderly loved one the chance to socialize with family and friends. A get-together can seem overwhelming, but if you limit its duration, ask everyone to bring a dish, and plan it around your loved one’s schedule, it is more likely to go smoothly. Gathering your friends and family also gives you the opportunity to request additional help and support if you need it.

Exercise in the Early Morning

An early morning workout can help you start the day off fresh and mentally balanced. Look for yoga or aerobics classes that start and finish well before your loved one wakes up. While the weather is still sufficiently cool, you can even take a short power walk around the neighborhood. If you wait until temperatures soar too high, exercising may become too difficult.

Write in a Journal

If you haven’t been keeping a journal, consider starting one this summer. A journal is the perfect place to vent feelings of frustration, sadness, and anxiety so you don’t make the mistake of blowing your cool in front of your loved one. You can make journaling a quiet, private activity by setting up a small table on the balcony, patio, or porch. The introspective moments you spend writing in your journal can bring you peace and help you find new ways to better manage your caregiving duties without shortchanging yourself.

Form a Book Club

Start a book club and host meetings in your home. This is a fairly quiet social activity that shouldn’t be too disruptive to your loved one’s schedule. In addition to getting together with friends for conversation and snacks, you’ll have the added benefit of engaging reading materials to keep your mind active all summer long.

Go for a Late Night Swim

Once your loved one is off to bed, throw on your swimsuit and dive into the pool. If you don’t have a pool at home, sign up at a local gym that keeps late hours and maintains its own swimming facilities. Swimming is a great full-body exercise, and it can also be very relaxing. When you’re done with your laps, you’ll feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to focus on caring for your loved one.

Go Shopping with Friends

Movie theaters and shopping malls are excellent places to stay cool in the summer. If your loved one is mobile, take him or her along with you for an afternoon of movies and a light lunch. Schedule outings like these with friends from time to time as well. Hiring Tucson, AZ, respite care gives you the chance to maintain important social connections while ensuring your loved one’s care needs are being met.

If you are taking a summer vacation, have personal responsibilities you need to attend to, or just need a break from caregiving, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are available around the clock to provide the care your loved one needs while you focus on your own personal needs. We also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia home care Tucson seniors and their families can rely on. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, call (520) 276-6555 today.


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