The Montessori Method: How It Helps Seniors with Dementia

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Can the Montessori Method Treat Dementia Patients in Tucson, AZ?

Every senior with dementia is different, and treatments for the disease are not going to have the same effects from person to person. In recent years, an educational approach called the Montessori Method has helped some seniors manage their dementia symptoms and remain independent. The staff at Tucson Home Care Assistance explains how this treatment works and why it is so helpful for aging adults with dementia.

The History of the Montessori Method

This approach to learning is based on the philosophies of the Italian educator Maria Montessori. After working with children of different ages, she found there was no single style of teaching that worked in every situation. Personalized academic plans focused on every aspect of development seemed to be the most effective solution. Over 100 years later, this style of learning and engagement is now being applied to seniors with dementia.

How It Combats Dementia Symptoms

The Montessori Method is not a cure for dementia. Instead, live-in and hourly caregivers in Tucson, AZ, should view this approach as a way to enrich the lives of their elderly loved ones. The goal of this method is to stimulate as many senses as possible while pushing seniors just out of their comfort zone, and it includes tasks that enhance motor skills and rebuild confidence. The Montessori Method focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of dementia just as much as the physical aspects.

Putting the Montessori Method into Practice

When applying the Montessori Method to dementia care, seniors are generally given a series of tasks designed to activate multiple areas of the brain at once. Most of these tasks are repetitive in nature, and the educator or caregiver must give constant positive reinforcement at all times. Seniors should be using as many senses as possible with a strong focus on touch and sight.

Benefits of Montessori Education

One of the reasons the Montessori Method has been used in Tucson dementia care is because activities like reading and doing puzzles are things many seniors already enjoy. Some caregivers also incorporate bright colors and unique shapes in the activities their loved ones perform. Whatever tasks are carried out, it is important to stay as positive as possible and focus on what your loved one is doing correctly.

Though the Montessori Method has proven helpful for many seniors, there are other ways to keep them engaged and stave off the symptoms of dementia. At Home Care Assistance, we offer a program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which uses activities to slow cognitive decline and help seniors regain a sense of pride and accomplishment. For more information on home care Tucson, AZ, families can count on, call one of our experienced Care Managers at (520) 276-6555 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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